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Yuri Belyakov on 'parasites': "You've committed no wrongdoing, but you're already persecuted and punished"

Igor Yakshevich, a resident of Minsk, has turned to the administration of the Moskovsky District with a demand to exclude him from the "parasite" database.

"Public benefits, you say?.."

The Commission for the Coordination of Work to Promote Population's Employment (the official name of the "parasite" commission) of the Administration of the Moskovsky District of Minsk sent a notification to Igor Yakshevich that he is not involved in financing public expenditures, the BP writes.

It means that starting from March 2019, the hot water utility bill will be calculated based on the tariff that ensures the so-called "full prime cost recovery".

"I received a letter from the district commission and the latest utility bill, where I was informed (on the back side of the bill) that I was 'pre-included into the database of the citizens not involved in the national economy.' I don't agree to bear the 'parasite' stigma," Igor Yakshevich is outraged.

"You are working nowhere now, aren't you?"

"Let's just say like that: I've never worked for the state; this is a matter of principle."

"Do you live alone?"

"Now, I live with my retired mother; my daughter lives separately, she is an adult."

"How much did you pay for your last utility bill?"

"Last time (on Saturday) I paid BYN 86.44 for January. We live in a three-room apartment, in a panel house. By myself, I am a builder, a 'jobbing workman', as they say. I need nothing from the state; I just want to be left alone: I have long ago killed the state inside me."

"The above commission will obviously put forward a counterargument that you are using public benefits..."

"Public benefits, you say?.. It's a special topic, especially medical services. For example, I have heart problems. At the polyclinic, they throw me from queue to queue; and it takes two months to get an appointment to the cardiologist… In two months, I can quite well be buried into the 'Severnoye' (a cemetery in Minsk)..."

"Therefore, I went to the 'Serdtse' (Heart) paid centre, paid my money quickly examined my heart. The 'free' polyclinic is not for me; unfortunately, doctors are just pawns – nothing depends on them."

"If the commission refuses to exclude you from the database…"

"I've already prepared a lawsuit to the court; I ask for a little: observe my rights."

"Parasite" ordinance encroaches on personal dignity and privacy"

Igor Yakshevich has justified his demand in writing and sent it to the administration of the Moskovsky District.

"The presumption of innocence is not working in Belarus"

"I absolutely support the position of Igor Yakshevich, because the state is not one person who makes sole decisions, but everyone who lives in the Republic of Belarus. When one person imposes his will on everyone, then perhaps he should look into the Constitution, which says: the people of Belarus are the only source of power in the country. In 2017, people already expressed their opinion on Ordinance No. 3; I'm sure that their opinion about the 'amended' Ordinance No. 1 is the same. Therefore, the question remains: why is the will of people neglected?" Yuri Belyakov, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union asks a rhetorical question. "If officials have questions and claims to citizens, let them just open the first page of the Constitution."

"The bill that Igor received stated that he was pre-included in the database of the 'citizens not engaged in the economy.' What does it mean – pre-included? The state should protect its citizens; instead, without trial and inquiry, it blames him as a criminal. The presumption of innocence is senseless in Belarus. You have committed no wrongdoing, but you are prosecuted and punished. They force you to go to bow to the commission members, who seem to be unaware what human rights are," Mr Belyakov has concluded.

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