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"Freedom to political prisoners!" action supports REP Trade Union

As reported by the "" website, ten activists held an action and expressed their support for political prisoners, the website and the leaders of the REP Trade Union.

The action was held in Oktiabrskaya Square in the centre of Minsk One of its organizers, Pavel Severinets, was detained on the eve of the event, his wife Olga told the website.

According to Vyacheslav Kosinerov's message posted on the Facebook, activists Dmitry Polienko and Anastasia Guseva were also detained.

The activists stood along the Nezavisimosti (Independence) Avenue holding the banner "Freedom to Political Prisoners!" and portraits of the leaders of the REP Trade Union – Igor Komlik and Gennady Fedynich, and activists Mikhail Zhemchuzhny and Vyacheslav Baranovich.

Olga Nikolaichik, a stage director and an activist of the civil campaign "European Belarus", read out the names of all Belarusian political prisoners. After each name, the activists loudly chanted "Freedom!"

Maxim Vinyarsky, an activist of the "European Belarus" said that the activists also expressed their support for all the independent media, the "" correspondent reports.

"We've come out to this square in solidarity not only with political prisoners, but also with independent journalists, who are fighting for the freedom of information. We express our support for the "Charter'97" website and to the journalists of the "Belsat" and the "", who are now being repressed," Maxim Vinyarsky has stated.


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