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Court marshals arrest Fedynich's apartment and Komlik's car

The law enforcement divisions of the Tsentralny and Frunzensky Districts of Minsk have instituted enforcement proceedings against Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik.

Given the money seized during searches in August 2017, Fedynich and Komlik had to pay about BYN 4000. However, court marshals want to collect over BYN 50,000 under the court verdict on the "trade union case", as well as for conducting examinations and in compensation of state duties.

Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the REP Trade Union, tells the about the strange circumstances of the debt collection procedure.

"Last December-early January this year, Igor Komlik and I received resolutions on the initiation of enforcement proceedings. The procedure fits into the framework of the law, if not for one but. The resolutions prescribe us to pay, within seven days, the state duty of BYN 1470.63 each, and BYN 2387.33 for conducting examinations, and for taxes and fees. Such decisions of the above enforcement divisions are alarming. During searches in August 2017, all the family savings were confiscated. Being converted into Belarusian roubles (BYN), they would be enough to pay for the three-quarters of the so-called 'damage' that we must repay."

The union leaders sent application to the above divisions demanding to present the calculations: under what exchange rate the confiscated currencies were converted into BYN; what amount was extracted from it as repayment, and what the balance is.

"On February 20, 2019, I was summoned to the enforcement division of the Tsentralny District, where we talked about the amounts deducted from the confiscated funds, what the remaining debt would make, and how we planned to repay it," said Gennady. "However, when I returned home in the evening, I found a notification signed by a court marshal, M. Petrenchuk, who had decided to arrest the only apartment, where I live with my family. Sure, she knew about it, when talking to me, but, for some reason, she 'modestly' kept silent."

"On February 12, Igor Komlik received a resolution on enforcement proceedings. He was given seven days for voluntary execution. But already on February 14, two days later, a prescription arrived at the accounting division of the REP Trade Union that orders 'to suspend Igor's salary and other incomes equal to it.' The court marshal S. Khovanskaya demanded to retain 50% of Igor's salary. On February 20, she sent another prescription to arrest Komlik's car and a trailer. We still don't know what legislative act has the court marshal been guided by."

"There are serious questions about court marshals' professionalism of bailiffs. One of them, named Petrenchuk, should have known that she had no right to arrest the family's only apartment. No doubt, we'll submit complaints against decisions of both court marshals to the head of the service – this is how we are supposed to act by the law. If this is not enough, we are ready to contact the Ministry of Justice and go to court. We'll keep you informed about the development of events. We'll not admit lawlessness!" Gennady Fedynich has declared.

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