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"The state has just deceived these citizens": REP Trade Union demands to return care of people with disabilities into work record

The Board of the REP Trade Union has adopted a statement demanding changes to Presidential Decree No. 137 and include the period during which citizens take care of people with disabilities into their work record, and guarantee decent pensions to caretakers. The statement was sent to the Presidential Administration.

"The changes in the pension legislation were perceived negatively by most citizens of Belarus," Gennady Fedynich, the REP leader, is sure:

"Since pensions in Belarus are miserable, people often continue working after retirement. The greatest victims of the decree are the people whom the state had guaranteed that they were on equal terms with the rest of employed citizens, without having the right to a side job. Their wages were minimal, as they cared for their disabled relatives – and this is a hard work. Earlier, those, who received benefits for caring people with disabilities, had no problems with the inclusion of this period into their insured work record."

"I'd like those law-makers to take, at least for a few days, the place of those, who take care of people with disabilities, so that they could see what an important and difficult labour it is. If you admit that you made a mistake – just correct it! Return the stolen caretaking years into their work record, as it was before the above decree! Or find money in the budget to pay pensions to these people! I'm sure that this issue can be resolved painlessly for the budget."

The posts below the full text of the above REP's statement:

"In connection with the enforcement of Presidential Decree No. 137 'On Improving the Provision of Pensions' and subsequent changes in the pension legislation, citizens who cared for people with disabilities faced obstacles in obtaining their age pensions.

For many years, these citizens have been working hard without days off and holidays. The state had guaranteed that the years of their caretaking would be included on general terms into their work record at their retirement. Their work was continuously monitored by regulatory bodies; and they were forbidden to work anywhere else under the threat of losing the allowance paid for caring people with disabilities.

As a result, when the pension is now accrued to them, the time they have worked as caretakers is not included into their insured work record, since the law-makers had failed to ensure the payment of insurance premiums for them into the Fund of Social Protection of Population (known as the FSZN).

Not only was the enforcement of Decree No. 137 retroactive, which contradicts the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the state has just deceived these citizens.

The current situation is not only contradictory to the very essence of the socially-oriented economy proclaimed by the state leadership, but also undermines the trust in the government.

We demand to amend Presidential Decree No. 137 and include the period of caretaking over people with disabilities into the citizens' insured work record. The due payments to the FSZN for them should be made from the state budget of the Republic of Belarus, as it is done for the employees of all levels of the state administration, employees the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), and for the budget-funded servants."

"The REP Trade Union receives a lot of complaints regarding the problems with the new pension legislation. I can only state one thing: people, unite and protect your rights! If today you lack the needed years of work record due to the fact that you have given birth to three children, received a higher education or cared for relatives with disabilities, what is Belarus turning into then? Is it a socially-oriented economy?"

"Today, apart from the period of caring for people with disabilities, the years of full-time study at the university, the period of military service, and maternity leaves have also been excluded from the work record. I want to emphasize here that in neighbouring countries, for example, in Ukraine and Russia, all this is included into the insured work record. Maybe it's time for the state leadership to admit that the economy of Belarus is in complete turmoil. Otherwise, it's hard to explain such actions," Gennady Fedynich has concluded.

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