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"Positions of director or watchman": two "parasites" in one family

Yuri Grinevich, a member of the REP Trade Union, has sent, with the help of the REP lawyer Yuri Belyakov, a repeated application to the so-called "employment promotion commission" asking him from the database of "parasites".

The Minsk resident told the website how he and his daughter Anastasia, who has been living in Germany for the ninth year, got into the database of those "not involved in national economy".

"There's a contest for the position of a watchmen for BYN 300-400 a month"

"Since 2014, I am officially not working anywhere. I can't find a job, and over the years I've been attracting less and less attention. I can be either director or watchman," Yuri is joking.

"Have you looked for official employment lately?"

"Yes, I have… The first question they ask is about my age: in May, I'll be 60. When I was younger, I used to abroad to earn money; unfortunately, now, my hands are not so strong and fast…"

"Did you get registered at the employment centre?"

"Yes, I did – at the one of the Moskovsky District of Minsk, but I quitted. I had to appear there twice a week to get registered – the result was zero. To go there and back home costs BYN 30 a month – I can eat for a week for this money. All the vacancies I was offered at the employment centre can be easily found in the website of the local administration. I called there and heard the 'traditional' question: how old are you? There's a contest even for the position of a watchman with the monthly salary of BYN 300-400!"

"You know, I have a higher education. I got registered for computer courses at the employment centre, and waited for nine months for the nine-month-long courses, during which you are paid BYN 20 per month. They warn you that you can't work anywhere also during this period, otherwise you will have to reimburse all the costs to the state. I decided not wait for the courses and went for a temporary job to Germany. I came back two months and decided to learn what unemployment benefit they accrued to me: BYN 5 for two months!"

"My daughter does not claim any pension here"

"My daughter has a similar situation. She has divorced her husband; and their Minsk flat was divided: she owns two rooms in a three-room apartment; the third room is inhabited by her ex-husband lives with his new family, while my daughter got married and went to live with her son in Germany. Already there, she gave birth to two daughters. Two rooms in the apartment belong to my daughter and her eldest son, who in September turns 18. My daughter, Anastasia Shlapakova, was also registered as a 'parasite', although she has been living in Germany for eight years."

"How does she pay utility bills for the pert of her Minsk flat?"

"Her ex-husband lives there; they divide all the bills by three, and I pay the two thirds. In order to prove that the daughter does not live in the apartment, I need to take a certificate, translate it, certify at the notary; and this procedure should be repeated every three months. These papers will cost me a pretty penny."

"Does your daughter come to Belarus?"

Her youngest child is four, she hasn't come here since she gave birth to her. When I showed her the notification that she had been registered here as a 'parasite', she lost any desire to come here: she's was afraid that they might detain her at the border and not let her back to Germany."

"Does she work in Germany?"

"Yes, she does, but half-day: she has to take one daughter to the kindergarten, the other – to the school, it needs time; but why should we make excuses? The state hadn't helped with a penny, when the daughter built an apartment here. She had worked here for many years, but she does not claim any pension here, but the authorities are sure that she still owes something to them..."

Who pays for the work of the employment commission consisting of 24 persons?

"The state has no right to force a person to work; however, in Belarus it is practiced constantly and everywhere, because it's promoted by president Lukashenko himself: let's remember his Ordinances Nos. 29 (1999), 18 (2006) and the 'parasite' ones Nos. 3 and 1 – no other president in the post-Soviet territory can be 'proud' of such fruitful law-making practice," Yuri Belyakov, a legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, has noted. "Already the second person applies to the employment commission under the administration of the Moskovsky District of Minsk. The commission consists of 24 officials, whose work there is paid by the main employer of all the country's bureaucrats – the people of Belarus. The time they spend sitting there is lost for their main workplaces. Thus, 24 persons are violating human rights at the expense of the people who maintain them."

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