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With REP's help, three builders adjudge over BYN 3600 from individual entrepreneur

Judge Irina Zalutskaya has fully satisfied the claim to an individual entrepreneur (IE) Artyom Makarevich sued by three Minsk residents, whose interests were represented at the trial by Yuri Belyakov, a legal labour inspector of the REP Trade Union.

The claimants, Nikolai Kovalyov, Vladimir Sinitsky and Andrei Tarasevich lodged their lawsuit to the Frunzensky District Court of Minsk against the individual entrepreneur, Artyom Makarevich.

From the end of October to the end of November 2018, they were installing suspended ceilings in the "New Vision" Clinic. The entrepreneur promised to pay BYN 1060 to each of the three hired workers for installing a total 154 square meters of suspended ceilings. However, he paid nothing, after which the workers turned to the REP Trade Union asking to protect their rights.

The respondent Artyom Makarevich failed to appear in court and wrote an application asking to consider the case in his absence; his advocate also failed to appear. The judge has ruled to collect BYN 1220.59 in favour of each of the claimants.

"The court made a fair decision, which will come into force in 25 days. And it will be enforced," the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union told the "Belarusian Partisan". "As they say, the miser pays twice: on February 22, at the time of the preliminary session, the entrepreneur had already paid BYN 450 to the lawyer; now, he will have to pay remuneration to his former workers."

Three Minsk residents worked for a month for entrepreneur, making ceilings, but he wouldn't pay

We want to remind builders once again: in order not to be trapped, sign contracts and specify in them the full cost of works, the procedure of settlement, and list all the works to be performed and all the tariffs. Then such problems will be resolved much easier and faster.

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