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REP's negotiations with Zavodskoy supermarket lasted for over a month

The story of the dismissal of Yulia Zueva, a saleswoman and a member of the REP Trade Union, from the Zavodskoy supermarket (the trademark "Rublyovsky", owned by the LLC "Belinterproduct") has finally ended: on February 28 she was dismissed by agreement of the parties and received all the due payments.

Yulia worked at the supermarket located in Nesterov Street in Minsk for four months. She was not satisfied with her working conditions, but she failed to part with her employer peacefully.

Only after she joined the REP Trade Union, the lawyers thereof helped her to get dismissed a month later.

How to quit before the contract expiration, if the employer "doesn't want to"?

Yulia Zueva thanked Yuri Belyakov, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, and told the that her former colleagues still do not believe that she managed to quit her job after four months through relatively little effort: some of her colleagues, according to Yulia, cannot "divorce" their employers for years.

"Yulia Zueva's case is unique. Usually, a week is enough for an employer to understand that it is better to dismiss an employee. In this case, negotiations with bosses of the 'Zavodskoy' supermarket lasted for more than a month. As a result, the store was checked by the prosecutor's office, the sanitary station, and the local branch of the State Labour Inspectorate. Therefore, I want to repeat: if the REP Trade Union has come to you, do what it wants – this will greatly simplify your life," Yuri Belyakov has commented on Yulia's case.

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