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Housewife claims BYN 1000 for calling her "not employed in the economy"

The Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Gomel is considering a lawsuit lodged by Maria Tarasenko, who protests against her inclusion into the database of "persons not participating in financing state expenditures"

Initially it was supposed that the "parasite" commission should act as the respondent, but since it turned out that the commission has no official status of a legal entity, the court has summoned officials of the district administration, as well as of the city and regional executive committees.

Such cases are a kind of brand of the REP Trade Union, which opposes Ordinance No. 3 in principle, treating it as unconstitutional. The REP's lawyer, Leonid Sudalenko, proudly calls himself "a parasites' advocate".

Let's recall the story. On January 15, Maria received a call from the house management and was asked if she was still unemployed. She doesn't want any official employment in principle: she is a housewife by the decision of her family, and she is sure that she is not obliged to report about it and pay for anything at elevated tariffs.

With the help of the union lawyer, she wrote and sent complaints to local authorities. In particular, she challenged the assertion that she is not involved in "financing state expenditures", treating what happens as unconstitutional.

After receiving the answers, stating, as expected, that the issue should be considered somewhere "on top", Maria sent a complaint to the district court. There, the case was also rejected – due to "lack of jurisdiction."

Then, on February 25, Maria filed a lawsuit for the recovery of moral harm. The essence of the claim was formulated as follows: "I treat the inclusion of my personal data into the database of those not employed in the national economy as a gross interference with the privacy of my family, humiliation of human dignity, inequality before the law and deprivation of the right to equal protection of my legitimate interests. This has caused and continues causing deep moral sufferings to me."

The inflicted harm was estimated at BYN 1000.


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