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Court rules a refusal, but Maria Tarasenko's "parasite" case is not over

Andrei Strizhak, one of Maria Tarasenko's legal representatives from the REP Trade Union at the trial, tells about further actions at the woman's "parasite" litigation:

"Despite the fact that the court has rejected Maria Tarasenko's claim to compensate the moral harm suffered by her, the resonance around the trial indicates its importance for the society. Already on the following day after the court session, Maria received a utility bill, in which the tariff for hot water increased by more than 5 times: from BYN 17 to BYN 90 per Gcal. This tariff was used to bill the hot water used by her family in January and February. If we add here the increased tariff for central heating to be used starting October 2019, the overall utility bill for the year will be still greater."

"The REP Trade Union, of which Maria Tarasenko is a member, continues defending her rights by all means: appeals against the above judgement will be submitted to higher judiciary instances up to the Supreme Court of Belarus; and a repeated complaint will be sent to the 'parasite' commission. At the trial, representatives of the commission have repeatedly stated that they are ready to remove Maria from the 'parasite' database, if the housewife turns to them. However, the respondents failed to mention that we had already applied to them demanding to exclude Maria from the list of 'parasites', and then they refused to do it," said Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, who added that they are preparing another set of documents, which, apart from the facts of paying the VAT, land tax and other payments that we talked about at the trial, will also include documents on Maria's state of health. "The commission has the right to exclude a person from the database also for health reasons. We have a precedent with the same commission of the Tsentralny District of Gomel, when, at the request of the REP Trade Union, Andrei Kulitsky was excluded from the 'parasite' database," Andrei Strizhak has added.

Results of complaints to city executive committee: Gomel has one "parasite" less

The trade union activist explained why Maria Tarasenko's health condition was not mentioned at the trial:

"We found it unethical to disclose this personal information at a public trial, while a closed session on this case would deprive the REP Trade Union of the opportunity to speak out loud about the problem, which concerns almost half a million citizens of the republic."

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