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"Distillery case": REP has adjudged over USD 70,000

The Gomel Regional Court has put an end to the resonant case on the disappearance of vodka worth USD 170,000. Two storekeepers, REP members, have been completely exempted from any payments by the court. The third one, who had admitted her guilt, will pay by BYN 52,500 less than the employer had claimed. The consideration of this case continued in 2018 and 2019. The total amount adjudged in favour of the union members is over USD 70,000.

Let us remind you that on January 4, 2019, Judge Andrei Tseluiko from the Tsentralny District Court of Gomel dismissed the lawsuit lodged by the "Radamir" Gomel Distillery and demanding to collect from Valentina Naidyonova and Natalia Melnikova, former storekeepers of the factory, over BYN 96,000 of shortage. At the same time, the court ruled to collect BYN 230,000 as compensation of damage, and BYN 11,500 of court costs from the warehouse manager. The respondents' interests were presented at the litigation by Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region.

The warehouse manager disagreed with the first-instance court ruling and lodged, with the help of the legal service of the REP Trade Union, an appeal to the regional court, and, as we see, got a partial victory.

Earlier, Andrei Demidovets, Director of the "Radamir" Distillery, said the REP Trade Union: "This incomprehensible organization has nothing to do with it. Who would ever listen to it?"

The trade union lawyer has stressed that REP helped the two storekeepers, who joined the union, to avoid huge payments. As to the warehouse manager, who also joined the REP Trade Union and who admitted her guilt of the major shortage of vodka, the union helped to reduce the claimed amount by BYN 52,500.

"In this resonant case, we did everything we could," Leonid Sudalenko said after the consideration of the appeal.

The court decision entered into force and is subject to execution after the announcement by the judicial board of its verdict.


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