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"Conditions are anti-sanitary; cash machines struck with current; and we aren't paid for overtime": a "Gippo" cashier from Zaslavl turned to REP

For about a year, Oksana Vrublevskaya has been working as a senior cashier at the "Gippo" Hypermarket, which is located in the dwelling settlement of Zaslavl. She believes that the store bosses are repeatedly violating the labour legislation.

"The store fails to comply with the sanitary norms of cashier's work: there are no due 15-minute breaks after every 2 hours of work; conditions are anti-sanitary: there are mice, rats and cockroaches in the store. Besides, additional work is not paid for. For example, apart from my direct duties of a cashier, I have settle conflicts with buyers, control deliveries and shelf life of certain foodstuffs, for which I receive no extra pay. Besides, the employer fails to ensure safe working conditions: the cash machines are not earthed; and from time we, cashiers, are struck with electric current," Oksana has complained.

After futile attempts to defend her rights, the woman turned for legal help to the REP Trade Union: "There's also a problem of fire safety – all the aisles are blocked with crates and boxes. If something happens, innocent people will suffer. Don't bosses really understand this? Now I just want to leave the place, but they won't let me go," Oksana Vrublevskaya has added.

How to quit before contract expiry, if your boss wouldn't let you go?

Yuri Belyakov, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, helped the worker to write an application to the Department of State Labour Inspectorate for the Minsk Region asking to check the above facts, establish violations of labour legislation and take the necessary measures to eliminate the revealed problems.

REP's talks with bosses of "Zavodskoy" Supermarket lasted for over a month

"Unfortunately, the country's retail chains have the same problem: they want to use people to the maximum for minimum pay. The global market legislation has changed. In Belarus only, Presidential Ordinance No. 29 allows employers to keep their workers in place. The situation should be changed; and I'm actively working with this issue: I tell employers: if a person doesn't want to work with you – let him quit peacefully and amicably. Otherwise, he/she will leave anyway, and your company will lose in image and reputation; and it will be still harder for you to recruit new staff," Yuri Belyakov has stated.

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