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Raipo manager takes loan to repay BYN 17,500-worth shortage

Zhanna Zapolskaya has worked as the head of Shop No. 3 "Solnechny" of Minsk Raipo (District Consumers' Society). On April 25, 2019, an inventory was held in the shop without her participation; she was simply informed that the detected shortage amounted to BYN 24,000. Zhanna had to take a loan for 7 years at the "MTBank", and voluntarily covered BYN 17,500 of the shortage.

But the amount did not satisfy the Raipo boss, who demanded from her to pay at least BYN 3000 more for the spoiled foodstuffs. Otherwise, he threatened to fire her under Part 2, Article 47, of the Labour Code – perpetration of actions that led to loss of employer's trust.

"The Raipo boss said that as soon as I paid the above BYN 3000, he will dismiss under some softer article. I have always diligently fulfilled my duties; and received no reprimands. They even raised my qualification category. In generally don't understand where this shortage came from," said Zhanna Zapolskaya.

Now, she in on vacation; however, she failed to receive both her salary for April and her due vacation pay: she was told at the accounting division that her money was withheld to cover the shortage. She said that she wanted to quit at any cost, even "under the most severe article."

New Raipo "scheme" – forcing to take loans to cover shortages

Yuri Belyakov, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, has noted that the approach of Minsk Raipo is not unique. According to his story, all district bosses act similarly:

"In case of any conflict with a shop manager or a seller, the conduct a revision (inventory), resulting in a large and unexplainable shortage. It should be noted that weekly inventory reports are usually in perfect condition. When OBEP (division to combat economic crimes) are revising documents, it can't find elements of a criminal, or even administrative, offense. Usually, the OBEP issues a conclusion: the shortage was a result of negligent attitude to work. What is the negligence? The affected sellers simply behave carelessly, and failed to provide their employers with any written documents. Employers benefit from this carelessness: they don't write off and remove spoiled foodstuffs from the shop, deliver new goods that fail to coincide with invoices, and differ in cost. As to Zhanna Zapolskaya, she failed to receive even the floor salary: from the start of the year, she received less than BYN 325 a month. I helped her to draw up an application to the Department of State Labour Inspectorate and the Minsk District Prosecutor's Office. I hope these supervisory bodies will properly assess of the actions of the Raipo boss."

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