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Leaky troughs, YouTube and two reprimands

On July 10, Oleg Vasyukov, a Judge of the Dobrush District Court, cancelled two disciplinary punishments imposed at the "Kalininsky" Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) on Inna Gulevich, a member of the REP Trade Union, who works there as a livestock breeder. The court also obliged the employer to return the unpaid due financial benefit for the vacation to her. At the trial, Inna's interests were represented by Leonid Sudalenko, the legal labour inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region.

Litigation: livestock breeder vs. agrarian company

One could ask, why has an employer from the village of Pererost in the Dobrush District suddenly decided to impose two reprimands at once on his employee and deprived her of the due bonus for the vacation in the amount of the average monthly salary? The answer is simple: the worker quitted the state trade union, posted a video on the YouTube about the conditions in which she works, and how much she earns, and joined the independent REP Trade Union. And the process was launched.

At the trial the dispute was around how much water should be poured into holed troughs, so that cows could not be thirsty at night. And on whether the livestock breeder have the right to ignore the urgent foreman's order to weigh the livestock given to her on the eve and ride away on her bike to the legitimate lunch break.

With the help of the trade union, Inna Gulevich managed to prove that in both cases of reprimands there was no her guilt; and the bosses began pressing the woman because of the video clip posted on the Internet.

Although the judgement has not entered into legal force yet, the trade union lawyer, Leonid Sudalenko, believes that the respondent has not a single serious legal argument for filing an appeal.

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