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Strizhak: authorities invaded social network and immediately messed things up there

An unusual document appeared in the "Tea with Jam" online community: one of the Belarusian pro-governmental trade unions asks its primary units to "ensure regular visits" of their members to the trade union community on the Facebook.

Besides, unionists are asked to "tick Likes and share (repost) the news." The ridiculous fact is commented on by Andrei Strizhak, a board member of the REP Trade Union.

"What the bosses of the above trade union are doing looks like an attempt of fleecing a pig: a lot of squeal, but little wool. Our ruling power, where the state-owned trade unions are undoubtedly an integral part, is using the worst Soviet-time approaches to everything it reaches, including social networks, where in has broken into and immediately messed everything up there. The situation causes nothing but irony: putting 'Likes' by the order resembles the 'voluntary-compulsory' practice of attending mass events," said Andrei. "The websites and communities of the REP Trade Union in social networks are attracting up to half a million readers, users and visitors per month, because we don't ask them to like and repost our materials, but we are really defending workers' rights and are writing about it. We show people that our trade union, unlike state-owned ones, is ready to stand for the interests of its members both before employers and before the state, and, even in Belarusian realities, we manage to achieve justice."

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