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Bloody road accident near Osipovichi: casualties' families turn to REP for help

On July 25, a Minsk court awarded a compensation of BYN 35,000 to Victor Rabenok, who was returning from work and lost his health in a terrible road accident. In that accident, Marina Zenetskaya lost her husband; and Dmitry Shevko lost his son. Both casualties' families have appealed for help in searching justice to the REP Trade Union.

Marina Zenetskaya's husband worked as a fitter with Victor Rabenok, and Dmitry Shevko's son was a welder. Together, they drove in a service "Gazel" minivan from the construction site of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant (NPP). The team was on their way home to the city of Mozyr, but near Osipovichi the minivan got into a fatal road accident. Dmitry Shevko's son died on the spot, and Marina Zenetskaya's husband died later at hospital, after doctors had fought for his life for eight days. Having learned that Victor Rabenok manage to adjudge compensation for his moral harm and lost health, the casualties' relatives found it reasonable to seek justice for their families. Marina lost her husband, who helped to raise a minor daughter, whose illness requires constant expensive treatment, while two children of Dmitry's son lost their father and breadwinner.

Relatives assert that workers' deaths and their serious traumas occurred because apart from people, the minivan also transported construction tools: power saws and a welding machine, which were not securely fastened.

According to Marina Zenetskaya, her husband had worked in Venezuela, and his factory trade union here withheld USD 20 monthly from his salary; but when the disaster struck the family, the trade union failed to help the family. That is why she turned to the independent REP Trade Union to seek help and support.

Leonid Sudalenko, the REP's labour legal inspector for the Gomel Region, has consulted the casualties' relatives and took up to draft a lawsuit. In the case of a fair judgement, families will receive compensation for their suffered moral harm. Same as Victor Rabenok, who was seriously injured in the same road accident and managed to win the trial and awarding BYN 35,000 as compensation of received moral harm – with the help of the REP Trade Union.

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