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One lawyer of independent trade union proved to be more efficient than 13 lawyers of pro-governmental trade unions?

The "official" (members of the FPB – Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus) trade unions have reported their work for the first half year of 2019 in the Gomel Region. The independent REP Trade Union has also sunned up its achievements in the region.

Dozens of prepared procedural documents, large amounts of illegally withheld or unpaid money – these are some of the results of the work of trade union lawyers in the region for 6 months of the current year. They were voiced out at the sitting of the Presidium of the Gomel Regional Trade Unions' Association.

"With the help of trade union lawyers, in the Gomel Region, in the first half of the year, six illegally dismissed employees were reinstated at work in the Zhlobin, Buda-Koshelevo and Petrikov Districts, and in Gomel," the official website of the FPB reports proudly.

The website also reports that in 2019, the regional legal inspectors (there are 13 of them in the FPB) prepared 67 procedural documents submitted to judicial bodies. They acted as advocates in 10 cases concerning labour relations. As a result of this work, BYN 219,546.71 illegally withheld or unpaid to workers were adjudged back, including BYN 119,833.27 – in the judicial order.

The Gomel branch of the independent REP Trade Union has only one legal labour inspector, Leonid Sudalenko, who has compared the official statistics of the FPB regional office with the statistics of his trade union. It turns out that the work of the single REP's labour inspector against the background of the work of his 13 FPB colleagues is impressive!

For the first half of the year, Leonid ran 25 cases at courts, adjudged back BYN 163,730 illegally withheld or unpaid to workers, gave about 240 legal consultations, and ran daily legal receptions of citizens. This is apart of his work performed, for example, in favour of those stigmatized by the authorities as "able-bodied citizens, not employed in the national economy" ("parasites"), in favour of foreign citizens permanently residing in the country, subjected to expulsions and deportations, or simply in favour of those, who those in power would not listen to.

Here are some examples of the cases accompanied and won by Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region:

  • In early 2019, the so-called "parasite" commission in Bragin put Vladimir Teremetsky, a REP activist, on the list of the persons "unemployed in the Belarus' economy". The complaint prepared by the union lawyer resulted in Vladimir's exclusion from the list;

  • Also in early 2019, through the efforts of the independent REP Trade Union, the Regional Court cancelled the ruling of the Buda-Koshelevo District Court to extradite Sergey Protsenko, a 40-year-old Ukrainian, a member of the REP Trade Union;

  • The permanent "parasite" commission of the Sovietsky District of Gomel found that Andrei Kulitsky, a 42-year-old local resident, a member of the REP Trade Union, was "unemployed", in the commission's opinion, in the national economy. A successful complaint was filed with the help of the union lawyer;

  • At the factory "Belorusneft-Osobino", they revealed a shortage of 17 tons of poultry. Factory bosses tried to "hang up" the shortage on the workers, but after they turned to Leonid Sudalenko, the claims against the workers were dropped;

  • In Gomel, the "parasite" commission was forced to exclude Maria Tarasenko, a housewife, from the "parasite" database, after the woman joined the REP Trade Union and her interests were represented at various instances by Leonid Sudalenko;

  • The judicial panel of the Gomel Regional Court has reduced the amount of damage to be collected from with the former warehouse manager in favour of the "Radamir" Company by BYN 50,000, and the court fee – by BYN 2500. Her interests were represented by the union lawyer Leonid Sudalenko;

  • The Rechitsa District Courts has partially satisfied the claims of the local consumers' society against two saleswomen of the rural store. Maria Sivukho, the store manager, joined the REP Trade Union and asked the union lawyers to protect her rights – and she was right. While, according to the judgement, her colleagues have to reimburse 100% of the claimed shortage, she must pay just 50%. Her interests at the trial were represented by Leonid Sudalenko.

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