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"In Mogilev Region, they wouldn't register at all": Bobruisk city REP organization denied registration

The Bobruisk City Executive Committee (CEC) could not explain the reasons for registration rejection. "The documents ... are not complete and drawn up not properly," Victoria Omelyusik, a deputy chair of the CEC, wrote in her answer.

On July 24, Alexei Evgenov, the REP's legal inspector for the Mogilev Region, and Inga Sudilovskaya, an activist of the Bobruisk REP organization, turned to the CEC for clarification: they asked about the missing documents and about what had been done "improperly" in the submitted ones; however, it turned out that all the authors of the answer were on vacations.

The activists were sent to three different rooms, after which they had a talk with Natalia Zhdanovich, a deputy head of the division for ideological work and youth matters of the Bobruisk CEC. However, she failed to answer the questions asked and recommended to address the CEC in writing.

Union activists applied for registration of their primary unit for the second time. Initially, on May 22, 2019, the Bobruisk bureaucrats postponed registration by one month. "Within a month, the demands specified in the decision of the Bobruisk CEC of May 22, 2019, No. 11-40 ... have not been fulfilled," Ms Omelyusik has noted. Therefore, on July 5, the Bobruisk CEC refused to register the Bobruisk city organization of the REP Trade Union.

The history repeats: several years ago, the district vertical of power already refused to register the Bobruisk trade union unit because of the absence of its legal address. However, once activists agree with some entrepreneur about a legal address, the entrepreneur was immediately exposed to administrative pressure and was forced to recall the consent.

"We are planning to submit documents for registration of the Mogilev city REP organization. But the problem is that in the Mogilev Region, not a single organizational structure of the REP Trade Union has ever been registered by local authorities. This is their understanding of 'social partnership'," Alexei Evgenov has summed up.

"All the remarks of the Bobruisk CEC concerning registration documents were satisfied within the allotted timeframe. But as a result, we got what we had expected – units, structures and organization of the independent REP Trade Union are not registered in the Republic of Belarus for various far-fetched reasons," Gennady Fedynich has stressed.

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