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REP adjudges record amount of moral harm compensation

On September 17, 2019, the Sovietsky District Court of Minsk passed a decision on the united lawsuit lodged by relatives of the employees of the "Belsantekhmontazh Trust No. 1", who perished in a road accident that happened near the town of Osipovichi. The relatives' interests were represented by Leonid Sudalenko, a lawyer of the REP Trade Union.

The court has granted the lawsuit for compensation of moral harm in favour of the widow of the deceased Alexander Zemetsky and his minor daughter and in favour of the parents, brother, wife and minor children of the deceased Vitaly Shevko. The total compensation amount is BYN 370,000 (about USD 185,000). Earlier, the same court awarded the compensation of moral harm in the amount of BYN 35,000 to Victor Rabenok, who lost his health in the same accident.

Leonid Sudalenko has commented on the outcomes of the case:

"The court has supported our claims as to the compensation amount of the moral harm to the relatives of the deceased workers. Of course, no money can return parents to children and husbands to widows; however, the compensation amount will help in rearing minor children and elderly parents. The issue of compensation for the inflicted moral harm is not an issue of 'making money on blood,' as the employer sometimes tries to claim at trials. It's a matter of restoring justice."

Final court judgment: chemical factory to pay BYN 50,000 to parents of deceased worker

The judgement was also commented on by Andrei Strizhak, a council member of the REP Trade Union:

"The series of cases, in which we repeatedly help victims' relatives to restore justice, began with the collection of BYN 50,000 of moral harm compensation in favour of parents of Victoria Popchenya, a schoolgirl from Molodechno, who perished in the farm field while harvesting potatoes. These court judgements should convey a simple thought to employers – a violation of safety precautions and working conditions is fraught with loss of life and serious financial losses for enterprises. Both can be avoided, if employers really care that all their workers should return home from work alive and healthy."

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