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"Jesuit Trick": Orsha REP Trade Union organization denied registration

The Orsha District Executive Committee (DEC) has refused to register the Orsha district primary organization of the REP Trade Union under the pretext that the OJSC "Ekomol" has recalled its earlier issued guarantee letter on the provision of the needed legal address of the union organization; in Belarus, no registration of a public organization is possible without a legal address.

What has really happened? Why has the OJSC "Ekomol" revoked its guarantee letter on the legal address?

"At the Orsha District Executive Committee, when handing over the documents for registration of our district trade union organization, I warned them not to press people. Victor Kolochev, a deputy chairman, promised not to put pressure on union members. And indeed: no pressure was exerted; later, I called everyone – they didn't touch anyone personally," Vasily Beresnyov, the head of the trade union organization, told the

"We warned administration against any attempt to put pressure on activists": Orsha REP unit tries to get registered

"But they used another Jesuit trick: officials of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee (Orsha is in the Vitebsk Region) appealed to their Mogilev colleagues (the head office of CJSC 'Servolux', whose structural unit is 'Ekomol', is located in Mogilev, – note of the REP News), and 'Ekomol' bosses began brainwashing their subordinate, an 'Ekomol' private enterprise, for providing us with a legal address. They forced him to recall the guarantee letter. He called me and asked: what to do in this situation? I didn't want to create problems for the enterprise; so together we decided to forget the story with the legal address."

At the same time, as the trade union activist said, the Orsha trade-union organization didn't abandon its plans to get registered:

"We are looking for a new legal address, especially since the Orsha District Executive Committee is ready to get back to the issue after 'bringing documents into order.' They behaved like Judas Golovlyov: we will cheat on you – and then kindly apologize."

Vasily Beresnyov: people are attracted to our union not only by legal help

Vasily Beresnyov and members of the trade union are committed to achieve registration of their organization:

"Yesterday, I again talked to the chairman of the executive committee: try again to reject us, and then you'll just untie our hands. If now we can still negotiate and contact the authorities on some issues, then without registering us, you will ignore the largest trade union organization in the district. If you outlaw us, how can we work with you?" Vasily Beresnyov asked a rhetorical question.

The information on the non-registration of the Orsha district organization of the REP Trade Union has already been sent to Geneva, to the ILO headquarters.

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