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Gorky Park workers voice alarm: "They fail to repair broken facilities, and force us to operate them with people"

Workers of the Central Children's Gorky Park of Minsk complain that the park administration refuses to repair attraction facilities; and they are insecure for visitors. Instead, complainants are punished and fired.

Of particular concern, according to workers, is the situation with the most famous attraction in the park – a Ferris wheel 54 meters high.

At the very start of the season, operators found that during and after the rain, water flows directly into the electric switchboard of the Ferris wheel, where the sensors and cables are located.

"The voltage there is 380 volts," one of the workers reports.

When it rains, the Ferris wheel is stopped. According to the instructions and state standards, the attraction should then be dried for another two hours, but, as operators report, the park bosses fail to observe these requirements.

"As soon as the rain stops – the last drop has fallen, the mechanic and the engineer come and literally force the operators to wipe the facility with some cloth and start it up. The switchboard is all in water, cables and sensors too. The attraction is attended by elderly and young people, babies and pregnant women. Any negligence with 380 volts is inadmissible," operators assert.

In case of emergency, since the platform, on which the Ferris wheel stands, is made of metal, the wheel structure itself is metal, too, and as one knows, metal is a good conductor, a tragedy may happen.

Back in this July, the park's operators recorded a video showing how water flows into the attraction's switchboard room, and sent it to the Minsk City Executive Committee with a request to help to solve the problem:

"As a result, a check arrived in late July, and the only question they asked operators was: where do you eat? They didn't ask anything about technical issues. Later, a certain Babivsky, the chief engineer of the "Minskzelenstroy", arrived. After his visit, the power engineer, Zavadsky, Yu. F., and the park manager, Kosevich, R. A., forbade operators to enter the switchboard room. The repair was supposedly carried out, but as practice shows, nothing has changed: there's still water in the room."

The only one who is allowed to enter the switchbox is the park power engineer. Operators note that this is a direct violation of the instructions and a potential danger to visitors and workers:

"In adverse weather conditions and in emergency situations, the operator must disconnect the attraction, i.e., turn off the circuit breaker in order to de-energize the facility and notify the park administration. It turns out that the park managers have issued an order prescribing us all to violate the established regulations.

Workers say that those who try to complain are punished or offered to quit.

"Even when an attraction is broken, the park managers force to launch them with people. Such situation was with the attraction "Zodiac". It was broken, and the operator refused to drive it with people. The power engineer came and said that it should be still started. The operator wrote a complaint, but the story ended with the dismissal of the operator himself – he was accused of allegedly improper operating the facility," the workers said.

There is a regulation for all attraction facilities – they should have a break in work. However, the park bosses forbid to stop, for example, the Ferris wheel, so as not to lose profits.

"This regulation is provided not even for enabling an operator to go for a break, but in order for the attraction itself to rest and cool down. During the day there should be two 15-minute and one half-an-hour breaks. This time coincides with operators' break for lunch. If they stop their facilities for their legal break, the park manager comes and asks why they have done it."

Some operators service their facilities one at a time; they are also not allowed to stop their attractions – accordingly, they can't even leave for a break.

"The work of the attractions is not actually checked. Everything is done formally. The chief engineer comes, puts his signature, and that's all – you can use them. Why doesn't anyone care that people can suffer?" operators have asked.

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