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"Saving on people": educators of Cherven Boarding House lose their pensions because of renaming their establishment

The "Cherven Boarding House for Disabled Children" was renamed to the "Cherven Boarding House for Disabled Children and Young Invalids with Peculiarities of Psychophysical Development", which was the reason for depriving the educators of their pensions for long work record.

The educators turned to the REP Trade Union. One of them, Tatiana Dovnar, is a REP member. As it turned out, the women were initially granted their due seniority pensions, which is appointed to certain categories of medical and educating staff. However, later, they were told that they had lost the right to such payments, because the words "and Young Invalids" were added to the former name of the establishment.

"The educators work with children with peculiarities of psychophysical development. The conflict arose because the women had been granted the due seniority pensions, which were then taken away: the right to the pension should be confirmed not only by the position, but also by the name of the establishment, where she works. It was originally named the 'Cherven Boarding House for Disabled Children', but later they opened another section and added the phrase '… and Young Invalids with Peculiarities of Psychophysical Development'," Igor Komlik, a REP lawyer, has explained. "And although the renaming did not affect their work in any way, the educators continue working with disabled kids as before, the added phrase created a problem: the pension due to educators for their long professional service is cancelled until they reach the generally established retirement age. And other employees who have not reached this age may stay without their seniority pension at all."

According to the lawyer, the events in Cherven fit into the general campaign – to save on people with changing nothing.

"Now we are drafting a request to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection asking them to clarify how justified the deprivation of educators of their due payments was," Igor Komlik has concluded.

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