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Sudalenko: foreigners are expelled from Belarus by ignoring their families' interests

On August 30, Victor Morozov, the Public Prosecutor of the Gomel Region, protested at the Presidium of the Gomel Regional Court the ruling to extradite from Belarus Vladimir Trauter, a resident of the agricultural dwelling settlement of Gubichi, in the Buda-Koshelevo District. Although there is still no final judgement, Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the independent REP Trade Union, who represented Vladimir's interests at litigation, treats the prosecutor's decision as a victory.

Let us remind you that they wanted to extradite the Russian, has a residence permit in Belarus for five years "in the interests of public order." On August 8, the judicial panel of the Gomel Regional Court confirmed, in the appeal order, the legality of the extradition awarded by the Buda-Koshelevo District Court; after which the extradition process could begin any day.

Leonid Sudalenko has not abandoned the case and filed, in the interests of the Russian citizen, a supervisory appeal to the Chairman of the Gomel Regional Court. The main appellate motive was that the extradition of the foreigner permanently residing in Belarus is contrary to the interests of his family and their minor child.

"Vladimir Trauter is bringing up his minor son and his deportation for such a long period of five years will not contribute to the formation of his son's personality," the regional prosecutor wrote in his protest, drawing attention also to the fact that for his drunk driving, the deportee was deprived of his driving license for three years, which would not allow him to commit a new offense by using his car.

The 38-year-old Trauter was born in Kazakhstan' and in 1993, the family moved to Belarus. Here he created his own family; he lives with his wife and a minor son, who are citizens of Belarus; he worked as a livestock breeder at the agrarian farm "Gubichi". He is characterized positively at his workplace. His mother of retirement age also lives in the village and needs daily care. It is known that when the deportation became known, his fellow villagers gathered about 70 signatures in his support; a similar petition was written by the farm manager either.

The rights defender, Leonid Sudalenko, believes that the recent frequent decisions to deport foreign citizens from Belarus are made without taking into account the interests of their family and their minor children.

"It is known that every year, in Belarus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) registers from three to four million offenses. Almost every second Belarusian is an offender. Foreign citizens do nothing forcing to apply the 'capital punishment' to them. They live a normal life on a par with Belarusians, their norms and rules of behaviour," says the rights defender.

On August 13, the appellate instance of the Gomel Regional Court quashed the ruling to expel Sergey Rezchik, a Russian citizen, a resident of the town of Khoiniki, who had been extradited from the country for 10 years "in the interests of public order." His interests at trials were also represented by Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union and a rights defender.

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