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Court sides with REP member and cancels extradition

On October 16, Judge Konstantin Skorin from the Buda-Koshelevo District Court satisfied the complaint of Vladimir Trauter, a 38-year-old Russian citizen, a member of the REP Trade Union, whom the police decided to extradite from the country for five years "in the interests of public order". The interests of Vladimir, who is permanently residing in Belarus, were represented at litigation by Leonid Sudalenko, the REP legal inspector for the Gomel Region.

In her turn, Victoria Vasilenko, an employee of the local ROVD (District Interior Division) branch for citizenship and migration, represented the interests of the local police. At the trial, Vladimir Trauter reiterated that he had nowhere to go in Russia – he had his whole life in Belarus: his family, sister, sick mother; his work, home and bank loans he has to repay. Ms Vasilenko insisted on her viewpoint – only extradition can "rehabilitate" the Russian.

Let us remind you that the above ROVD branch decided to extradite Vladimir because of an administrative offense: in February 2019, he was detained by GAI (traffic police) inspectors for drunk driving. Another offence imputed to him was his talking on a cell phone while driving.

The bosses of the "Gubichi" agrarian farm, where Vladimir Trauter worked as a cattle breeder, stood up for him. The petition to leave the Russian in Belarus was signed by 67 residents of the village of Gubichi. His relatives, fellow villagers, colleagues and friends came to the court to support him. All the witnesses questioned at the trial described the deportee as a "decent person," a "good son, brother, husband and father" and as an "efficient worker".

The district court gave no chance to Vladimir. In answer to the appeal, the Gomel Regional Court earlier upheld the ruling of the first-instance court; however, Victor Morozov, Public Prosecutor of the Gomel Region, has personally intervened and brought a protest to the court rulings.

On September 23, the Presidium of the Gomel Regional Court, composed of 8 judges, quashed the earlier judgements and sent the case for retrial by a different judge of the same district court.

And although the court ruling on the new consideration has not entered into legal force, Leonid Sudalenko is sure that the case will be solved in favour of Vladimir, since the Regional Prosecutor and the Presidium of the Regional Court agreed with his arguments that when making the decisions, judges failed to take into account the interests of Vladimir's family and his minor child.

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