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Minsk resident demands exclusion from "parasite" database: why is state claiming tax on life from me?

Igor Yakshevich has already made three attempts to achieve exclusion from the database of those "not employed in the national economy" by appealing to the administration of the Moskovsky District of Minsk.

After his failed appeals to the district administration, he has sent a complaint to the Moskovsky District Court containing the same demand.

"Your appeal was left unconsidered due to the fact that it was a repeated one, which contained no new circumstances relevant for the consideration of the appeal on the merits," Tatiana Kolyadko, First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Moskovsky District, informed Igor.

"The district administration has stopped correspondence with Igor Yakshevich on his exclusion from the 'parasite' database. Ms Kolyadko, refused to exclude him from the database and notified him about the termination of correspondence on the issue. As you see, the entire vertical of power evades solving problems of 'parasites'," Yuri Belyakov, a legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, told the "Yakshevich appealed three times to the district administration of the Moscow region. The district executive committee reacted very violently to the first application: they offered some job to Igor, just for him to recall his application. His second application wasn't even registered; and he received an absolutely 'empty' answer to the third one. This is a traditional trick of Belarusian bureaucrats, although it violates the Constitution of Belarus."

"No one had thought that the Soviet Union would fall apart, but it did; and this power is not forever; I really want to believe it, otherwise, what's the aim of living?" Igor Yakshevich asks a rhetorical question.

It is known that the deadline for introduction of the 100% payment by "parasites" of their utility bills was postponed by six months – until May 1, 2020.

"They fear – elections are upcoming; I have no other explanation. Now, water heating costs 5-6 roubles (for someone it's a lot of money, for others – not), while after the introduction of 100% payment, it will rise up to BYN 30 per month, or even more. And a big wave of discontent would have risen. But they didn't dare to escalate the situation on the eve of the parliamentary and presidential elections," Igor Yakshevich has stated.

He intends to do everything possible to achieve his exclusion from the "parasite" database: "I'm a citizen, not 'parasite'. I don't ask the state to pay me some rent from the sale of petroleum products, so why does the state claim the tax on my live?"

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