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Worker under protection: REP holds negotiations with "Gomselmash" PA bosses

On October 14, Alexander Samsonov, Assistant Director General for Security at the "Gomselmash" Production Association (PA), met Leonid Sudalenko, the legal labour inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region, and Valentina Anikeenko, a "Gomselmash" milling machine operator. Alexander Konopatsky, the PA's Deputy Director General for Ideology, and the chair of the local "official" trade union were also present.

Valentina Anikeenko, a REP member, is concerned about the moral climate in her labour collective, where an unequal distribution of workload is practised According to Valentina, the shop superiors give her less work than to other milling operators, which in the conditions of the piecework wage system is affecting her earnings.

The trade union lawyer noted a minor misunderstanding that arose at the entrance to the factory, when securities refused to let him into the office of Director General. After a little debate and Valentina's categorical refusal to negotiate alone, the issue was resolved positively.

Leonid Sudalenko has treated the negotiations as positive and emphasized the existing REP's position at negotiating with employers in favour of REP members.

"I would call Alexander Samsonov, Assistant to Director General for Security a person who knows how to listen. He said that he was in his position for a little more than three months, and, being a member of the Director General's team, he is determined to put things in order in factory shops. Recognizing the problems voiced out by Valentina, he asked for some time to fix them. At the end of the meeting, he gave her the number of his mobile phone and asked to call him directly in case of any misunderstandings at the shop," Mr Sudalenko has commented on the outcome of the meeting, adding that the REP Trade Union would monitor the situation and defend the labour rights of its member in any instance, and if necessary, in court.

Let us remind you that this spring, Valentina Anischenko, a milling machine operator from the "Gomselmash", turned to the independent REP Trade Union, complaining about the permanent pressure from her shop colleagues. Neither factory bosses, nor the official trade union could help her in solving her problems; so, she decided to publicly appeal to "Gomselmash" top managers by posting a video appeal on the Internet.

Upon learning that the worker is a member of the independent trade union, the "official" trade union acting excluded her from its membership, and for some Valentina was left alone. However, now, due to the lack of workload volumes, shop workers are busy just several hours a day, and the distribution of labour orders is the most pressing issue.

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