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"I tried to explain Lukashenko: you can starve the unemployed as long as you wish, but they can't create jobs themselves!"


Alexander Konovalov, a resident of the city of Mozyr, states that he has received a run-around from the Presidential Administration in response to his appeal. Hoping to draw President's attention to problems of jobless workers, he went to court.

In April this year, Alexander, an operator of the drilling rig, who was fired 18 months ago after he asked his employer about the reasons for reducing his premium, wrote a letter to President Alexander Lukashenko, in which he refused to receive the "shameful" unemployment allowance and asked him a number of questions.

The answer received from the Presidential Administration says that the worker's appeal was left without consideration, because it had used obscene or offensive words.

Alexander Konovalov strongly disagreed with this; however, he made some changes in the letter and sent it again to the President for the second time. But it did not help.

Alexander Konovalov, on the right in the photo

"Despite the fact that the lawyer found no violations in my appeal to Lukashenko, the Presidential Administration has repeatedly refused to answer my questions," Alexander Konovalov told the "The grounds were the same: alleged offensive or obscene phrases contained in my letter. In my opinion, it's nothing else, but a typical run-around sent to me by the Presidential Administration."

"In my appeal I tried to explain him (Lukashenko) that he can starve the unemployed as long as he would by paying them 150,000 Belarusian roubles of unemployment allowance per month, but jobless workers can't create jobs themselves! It's abnormal, when a worker, who has lost his job, receives from his government a sort of a 'suicide kit' or a 'horse-collar' in the form of forced underpaid labour instead of real help! I asked Lukashenko to stop this mockery our jobless workers. But they wouldn't even answer my appeals!"

However, the resident of Mozyr still intends to draw President's attention to problems of the unemployed. That is why, on May 2 he turned to the Partizanskiy District Court of Minsk asking to treat the actions of Lomonosov, I. A., the deputy head of the department of the Presidential Administration for working with appeals of citizens and legal entities, as unlawful and infringing his rights, and to oblige the official to eliminate his drawback and consider his appeals on the merits.

"Unfortunately, there's no other way to reach our 'People's President'," Alexander Konovalov told the

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