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Prosecutors` inspection of Mozyr Oil Refinery yields fruit

Although the fruit is not quite as expected by the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP).

In late April, the prosecutor's inspection of the Mozyr Oil Refinery was over on the issue of discrimination of the members of the independent trade union. The Prosecutor's Office had been addressed by Yuri Shvets, the Chairman of the BNP primary organization.

"It came to ridiculous things. The transportation shop receives a new truck. In any case, it should be given to some driver, because the old truck is either written off or transferred to some another organization. But the shop bosses tell the driver: you're a BNP member, so it's unlikely that the new truck will be given to you. As a result, the frightened driver believes his poor bosses and quits our trade union," Yuri Shvets told the "Same with business trips: people have to quit the BNP in order to be sure that they will be sent to a business trip to Russia."

The official conclusion of the prosecutor's inspection of the Mozyr Oil Refinery reads: "The facts were not confirmed."

"But it's quite understandable. The lady-prosecutor invited the workers who had quitted the independent trade union, asked about the reasons and whether they had been under pressure. The people feared the consequences at their workplaces and gave no comments," Yuri Shvets has explained. "But they all understand everything quite well at the Prosecutor's Office; and we still have some results. At least now, there's peace in the transportation shop. Nobody touches workers on their membership in the BNP. But I certainly don't harbour any illusions – nobody knows how long it will last."

The chairman of the primary BNP organization has noted that by and large the relationships between the administration of the enterprise and the BNP have not changed lately.

"The administration wouldn't set any contacts. Not even with us, the local primary organization, they wouldn't even find it necessary to meet the BNP leaders. Several appointments have been cancelled, despite the fact that initially the administration gave their preliminary consent," Yuri Shvets told the

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