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Volleyball players of Mogilev "Tekhnopribor" demand payment of many-months salary debt

The head coach of the volleyball team has already joined the REP Trade Union.

About 30 members of the Mogilev volleyball club "Tekhnopribor" have failed to receive their salaries for a few months already (some of them – for eight months), Alexei Evgenov, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Mogilev Region, told the

In February it became known that two volleyball clubs of Mogilev were merged into one. The city information portal was told about it by Vadim Brezhezinsky, the Deputy Head of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the City Executive Committee. The reason for the merger was that the "Tekhnopribor" had twice won the national championship (in 2005/06 and 2006/07), but failed to comply with the presidential decree on the development of team sports and lost the right to receive the government's support. To remedy the situation, they started the process of merging the "Kommunalnik" and "Tekhnopribor" clubs. The latter was to pay off all the debts; however, he never did it.

The employees of the "Tekhnopribor", who did not receive their salaries for a few months, addressed the Lenin District Court of Mogilev. Most of them agreed to sign an amicable agreement on the amounts significantly less than they had claimed initially, Alexei Evgenov told the

"One of the workers agreed to receive 18 million roubles, although the club had owed him 38 million," said Alexei Evgenov.

However, it was no end of the torments – the employees have not yet received their debts.

Vladimir Aladjev, the deputy director of the "Tekhnopribor" Volleyball Club, explained the reasons of non-payment to the

"The money wasn't paid not because we didn't want to do it. Our club, as a public organization, lived for the funds of our sponsors – Mogilev enterprises. However, the enterprises had no money to pay salaries even to their own workers; therefore, the debts appeared," said Vladimir Aladjev. "The club was established in 2001 on the basis of the 'Tekhnopribor' Factory, which last year joined the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) 'Olsa'. In total, the club had nine founders, including the 'Strommashina' Factory and the 'Mogilev Metallurgical Works', which are now also experiencing problems. Recently, the founders decided to liquidate the club. When the process is over, I think, the enterprises will have to pay the money. The new director of the club said that probably the volleyball players will receive their debts by July-August this year.

"The players said that they had paid their membership fees to the official trade union, but in this difficult situation it failed to help them. That is why they decided to appeal to the Mogilev Branch of the REP Trade Union for help in executing the court judgment. The head coach has already joined our trade union. Possibly, others will follow him," Alexei Evgenov told the

The REP Trade Union is going to provide the necessary legal assistance to those who addressed it and collect the money owed to employees.

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