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Conflict of the cashier of the store "Noah's Ark" with administration ended in amicable agreement

Svetlana Bushinskaya agreed to leave by mutual agreement of the parties, while the employer shall pay out all the bonuses illegally withheld during the labour dispute.

Let us remind you that a few months ago a conflict burst out between Svetlana Bushinskaya, the seller-cashier of the Bobruisk Unitarian Private Trade Company (UPTC) "Noah's Ark", and the administration of the store. After the appointment of a new shop manager, after lunch the shop assistance were not even let to use the toilet.

The administration tried to sack Svetlana Bushinskaya, who disagreed with the aforesaid situation, but the REP Trade Union stood up for its member; and Svetlana was transferred to another store of the company. She demanded her managers to early terminate her labour contract due to a breach of the terms thereof by the employer, but the administration refused to do it. Therefore, Svetlana filed a lawsuit to the court.

The was informed by Galina Smirnova, the chair of the Bobruisk city primary organization of the REP Trade Union, that Svetlana Bushinskaya had accepted the offer of the judge to sign an amicable settlement with the employer.

Although Svetlana Bushinskaya had to abandon her initial claims, Galina Smirnova is sure that the worker and the REP Trade Union, which helped her, have managed to achieve a success in this case.

"Sometimes you need to accept a compromise to win a strategic victory. That's what we were guided by in this case. We had our chances to win this case; and the Trade Union would have certainly gone to the end. But we weighed up all pros and cons, namely, the moral harm, since taking part in the trial demand great efforts, and, most importantly, the consequences of the entry in the labour record book on the reason for dismissal – employers are wary of their potential employees dismissed from their previous workplaces because of contract violations, and supported Svetlana's decision to agree to the amicable agreement. Besides, the employer has also admitted his mistakes, undertaking to pay out all the illegally withheld premiums to the worker," Galina Smirnova gave her comment.

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