News / 15.05.14

T-shirts with inscription "For Belarus without contracts!" disappear from the luggage of REP Trade Union leader at Minsk Airport

Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman of the REP Trade Union, was going to present the T-shirts as souvenirs to his colleagues from the Swedish IF Metall Trade Union at their Congress that starts these days in Stockholm.

The incident was reported to the by Igor Komlik, the head of the Minsk City Organization of the REP Trade Union.

"At the airport, Fedynich and his colleague were not officially searched: they checked in for the flight to Stockholm and passed their suitcases to the luggage compartment. When they retrieved them at the arrival to the destination, they found out that the T-shirts with the inscription 'For Belarus without contracts!' and the souvenir pucks of the Hockey World Ice Championship had disappeared from their suitcases," said the trade unionist.

On the same evening, an incident happened with Igor Komlik himself. At the railway station of Masyukovschina he was met by a militia patrol unit. The law enforcers checked his documents, examined his personal belongings and then released.

"It was clear that they were waiting for me. They said they had received an orientation message regarding myself. The checked my documents, examined my bag and then let me go. But all the way to my home, some stranger was following me," Igor Komlik told the

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