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  • 13.08.2013 MTZ territory still crammed with unsold tractors (photo)
    In May, photos of the territory of the Minsk Tractor Works (known as MTZ), cluttered with thousands of unsold tractors were very popular on the Internet. Today, three months later, the situation appears to be the same.more >>

  • 09.08.2013 Does "Belkhimprofsoyuz" of "Naftan" workers refuse to protect workers against dismissal for violation of labour discipline?
    The primary organization of the "Belkhimprofsoyuz" of the workers of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Naftan", which is a member of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FPB), has offered to add the Collective Agreement with the administration with a new position, according to which a worker can be dismissed for violation of labour discipline or absenteeism without a consent of the trade union.more >>

  • 08.08.2013 Borisov authorities deprive trade union organization of legal status in violation of the law
    Without any prior warning, the Borisov Executive Committee has deregistered the city primary organization of the REP Trade Union, because of the refusal of the renter to provide a legal address. The Borisov primary organization was registered in 2007.more >>

  • 31.07.2013 BZTDiA administration sacks highly qualified young worker-member of SPB
    The administration of the Republic's Unitary Enterprise (RUE) "Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Units" (known as BZTDiA) continues exerting pressure on members of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB). On July 31, they dismissed Dmitry Kurmaz, an SPB member, a Category 5 adjuster of automatic transfer lines and aggregate machine tools.more >>

  • 30.07.2013 REP primary organization in Bobruisk is trying to get registered
    On July 25, an organizational meeting of the primary organization of the REP Trade Union in Bobruisk was held. "We will take all the preventive measures to legalize the organization," said Gennady Fedynich, the chairman of the REP.more >>

  • 24.07.2013 Gomel prosecutors support position of REP Trade Union in courts
    During this month only, district prosecutors twice supported the legal position of Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region, which was expressed by him at trials in defence of workers in legal disputes with their employers.more >>

  • 23.07.2013 Workers of "Granit": old rules return to the factory
    The independent trade union was broken down; its leaders were sacked, and rank-and-file members were intimidated. However, it was not enough for the bosses of the Republic's Production Unitary Enterprise (RUPE) "Granit", the "Belsat" TV Channel reports.more >>

  • 22.07.2013 Six years later, REP has forced employer to recognize labour accident
    In 2007, as a result of an accident at work, Vladimir Savluk, a worker of the Chief Specialized Design Bureau (known as GSKB) in the city of Brest, lost part of his foot. Then, the administration persuaded him to document his trauma as an off-the-job (home) accident. Now, six years later, the REP Trade Union has helped the worker to restore justice.more >>

  • 19.07.2013 SPM Council demands to abandon toughening terms for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth benefits
    The Council of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers (SPM) has released a statement condemning the new order to providing benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth. The union believes that the recently adopted resolution of the government is significantly degrading workers' social guarantees.more >>

  • 18.07.2013 Nikolai Zimin: ban of protest action just a formal reply
    Failing to receive any authorities' response to their demands to amend the pension legislation, the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) wanted to hold a protest picket in Minsk.more >>

  • 05.07.2013 The only penalty reduced bonus: administration of Brest Regional Hospital would not extend contract with active young worker
    Dmitry Luchits, a member of the REP Trade Union, raised an issue of better working conditions before his employer. In response, the latter threatened to sack him. As a result, the labour contract with the young man was not extended. Dmitry loves his work, but is now forced to leave the medicine.more >>

  • 02.07.2013 BNP wins case in court
    On June 13, 2013, the Gomel Regional Court cancelled the special ruling of the Mozyr District Court, which in fact accused the primary organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) of the workers of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Mozyr Oil Refinery" and its chairman Yuri Shvets of creating a situation conducive to violation of labour discipline.more >>

  • 28.06.2013 Activists of trade union group of translators plan to teach English to their REP Trade Union colleagues
    This issue, as well as payment rates, legal aspects of the profession, problems of working in the province and other challenges faced by translators were discussed at a recent meeting of the REP trade union group of translators and interpreters.more >>

  • 19.06.2013 Workers leave "Tsvetotron" because of low salaries
    Tatiana Sologubik, the chair of the primary organization of the REP Trade Union of the workers of the "Tsvetotron" Factory, and several of her colleagues, after receiving their salaries for May, decided to leave the factory. "We've long hoped that our bosses will provide us with work and decent wages, but we can't tolerate it any longer," said the union leader.more >>

  • 15.06.2013 Former Minister of Energy Ozerets becomes trade union official
    Alexander Ozerets, the former Minister of Energy, who was dismissed by the decree of President of Belarus on April 18, 2013, for his failures in managing the country's energy sector, is now the head of the department of health and labour safety of the Belarusian Trade Union of Energy Workers.more >>

  • 07.06.2013 NPG intends to protect its business reputation in court
    The members of the Independent Trade Union of Miners (NPG) of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Belaruskali" are outraged with the statements of the chairman of the primary organization of the "Belkhimprofsoyuz" Igor Naumovich. In his interview to Natalia Miloserdova, a reporter from the newspaper "Belaruski Chas" (Belarusian Time), he called the NPG "the so-called independent trace union" and accused the independent trade union of windy rhetoric.more >>

  • 06.06.2013 More than half of Belarusians support establishment of strike fund
    This result was obtained during the nationwide public opinion poll conducted in March-April 2013 by the sociological centre of the LLC "Zerkalo-Info". The asked trade union leaders whether it is possible to set up a trade union strike fund in Belarus.more >>

  • 05.06.2013 Nikolai Zimin: We`ll go on striving for ratification of the Safety and Health in Mines Convention
    Russia has ratified the ILO (International Labour Organization) Convention 176 on Safety and Health in Mines. "It took Russian trade unions 17 years to achieve this; we also don't expect a speedy solution of the problem," says Nikolai Zimin, the Chairman of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP).more >>

  • 30.05.2013 Trade union lawyers offer to submit all human rights violation cases to the UN Committee
    Independent trade unions are regularly receiving refusals to sanction their protest actions not being able to express their disagreement with the socio-economic policies pursued by the authorities and against numerous violations of workers' and unions' rights. The lawyers of the REP Trade Union have decided to bring all such cases before the UN Committee on Human Rights, whose decisions have no time limitation.more >>

  • 29.05.2013 SPM: Authorities want to save employers from liability for discrimination on grounds of trade union membership
    The Board of the Free Trade Union of Metalworkers (known as the SPM) has issued a statement in connection with the amendment made in the Labour Code of the country. The Union has criticized the decision of the authorities to lift responsibility from employers for discrimination of workers on the grounds of trade union membership.more >>

  • 28.05.2013 Most Belarusians vote for free registration of independent trade unions
    Sociologists have suggested Belarusians to assess the need for trade unions in the country, both pro-government and independent ones. It turned out that the higher need of trade unions was voiced out by engineers and technicians, creative and production workers, while the smallest need was expressed by agrarians.more >>

  • 28.05.2013 REP Trade Union awards diplomas to graduates of paralegal school
    Another training course at the paralegal school is over. Diplomas were awarded to nine activists from different cities of the country. Some of them managed to make use of the received knowledge right in the process of training.more >>

  • 27.05.2013 Gennady Fedynich: workers are held hostage of high GDP
    The reduction of the working week, which is used more and more often by bosses of Belarusian enterprises, can result by this fall in social tension in the society, said the Chairman of the REP Trade Union Gennady Fedynich.more >>

  • 27.05.2013 "Both under capitalism and under state socialism trade unions are hard to exist"
    Andrei Strizhak, an activist of the REP Trade Union, tells in his interview to the "Euroradio" about the ways for an independent trade union to defend its members and itself, and why women are the most active unionists.more >>

  • 07.05.2013 In Kalinkovichi, militia tries to bring suffered activist to justice
    Denis Rabenok, the leader of the city group of the REP Trade Union, was attacked with the use of tear gas. The activist has turned to law enforcement bodies; however, as it turned out later, the militia made the activist guilty.more >>

  • 02.05.2013 BNP activists congratulate their colleagues on Workers' Solidarity Day at the "Naftan" checkpoint (photo)
    Activists of the primary organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union in the city of Novopolotsk found a possibility, in spite of the authorities' ban to hold trade union actions on May 1, to mark the May Say holiday. Near the factory checkpoint, young people have congratulated the workers of the chemical enterprise on the holiday and presented them with souvenirs with trade union symbols.more >>

  • 02.05.2013 "Miserable and tolerant people are much easier to command, aren
    On the eve of the International Workers' Day, the "Salidarnasts" has cleared out the problems that worry workers in the first place; what the workers are dissatisfied with at their enterprises; and what claims they have to the authorities in power.more >>

  • 26.04.2013 REP Trade Union activists: since authorities hush up effects of low radiation, we`ll tell people about it (photo)
    On the eve of the 27th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), activists of the REP Trade Union visited, as members of the delegation of democratic forces of the Gomel Region, the district centres Korma, Chechersk and Vetka and laid wreaths at the memorials of evacuated villages, thus, commemorating the victims of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP.more >>

  • 25.04.2013 Authorities ban REP`s May Day action
    The Minsk City Executive Committee has refused to sanction the tally planned by the REP Trade Union on May 1, on the International Labour Day. "The authorities have once again violated the workers' rights and demonstrated their fear of the workers," said the leader of the REP Trade Union Gennady Fedynich.more >>

  • 24.04.2013 Rights of workers: yesterday they gave a permit, today they took it away
    The administration of the Baranovichi Hotel "Horizon" has at the last moment refused to provide room to the REP Trade Union for holding legal consultations.more >>

  • 16.04.2013 Viktor Stukov: "I thought I`m going to Polotsk Court, and it turned out that it is the court of Irina Dorotko."
    Judge of the Polotsk Court Irina Dorotko has rejected all of the arguments of the trade union leader Victor Stukov, and upheld the employer's decision to dismiss him. According to Victor Stukov, the objections of the trade union lawyer Elena Eskova were responded by the judge as follows: "I don't know about other courts, but here is my court!"more >>